Passports tell the rest of the world who you are and where you come from.
It therefore seems sensible, that if you have the printing presses in your country, that is where the passports must be printed.
If you are without these printing facilities, then you are forced to have them printed elsewhere, but when they are delivered, you must mark them with some indelible and embossed signature that verifies your nationality.
To have a passport is irrefutable evidence of where you belong, it is not a profit and loss print run.

Lord Grit


Democracy must be made to work, it must not be watered down or subversively put aside. Democracy is the foundation stone of any society's progress; and in every respect, economic, morally, ethically, intellectually, spiritually. It is based on one man one vote, and whithin this democracy  the abilities and enterprise of one person, or group, can achieve progress to their potential and beyond.
The laws of this democracy, are know factors, and the inventiveness and enterprise allowed to flourish without fear of any regulations from outside, destroying progress or ambitions.
A secure democracy, gathers persons together, and creates wealth for the benefit of all. Wealth creation by one company, generates ideas for another, and the brains behind wealth creation are a national asset; thus if one big company is sold, it diminishes the sector.
Selling the London Stock Exchange would have been unparalleled lunacy.
But 'Wealth' is not confined to money, wealth in the quality of life…

The Workforce; PAYE

The working people are the ones that will build this 'Better Britain, not only this, they represent well over 50% of the population,  and it is high time they were listened to; and their needs met.
We have learned many things from the referendum, one is that the workers in Germany take four days to do what workers in Britain do in five.
Britain needs to find out why this is, and put it right.
In economic terms, if we take five days to attain a GDP of £500 billion, and discover how to do this in four, then if we continue to work at the same rate for another day, we will produce another £125 billion.
This is simple maths, no Gordon Brown, George Osborne, or 'Spreadsheet' Phillip Hammond can deny this.
What they or any other politician will try and deny, is who this extra £125 billion belongs to, who should benefit from it?  The answer is obvious, it is the Workforce, the people whose hard work and better organisation will earn it, they must all benefit, and this is done by l…

High Speed Train

The High Speed Train, HS2, seems to be a wheeled improvement of existing trains, that will go a bit faster than an express, and to do that, it requires its own railway line.
Over fifty years ago, Japan had an operational 'Bullet train', it went a lot faster than any other train, it was quiet, comfortable, and always on time. I know this, I travelled in it.
Why don't we suspend HS2 and send half a dozen young engineers over to Japan, let them look at how this was done, and come back here to build a better one?
Building a better Britain needs to jump across conventional methods, use the best ideas; and not just with trains!
Lord Grit

Build a Better Britain with Lord Grit - Foundations


Before any 'building' can begin, we should first clear the site. In 1973, Ted Heath withheld crucial information; this was very likely also excluded from the Wilson referendum of 1975. If this nation had been aware they would lose control of their borders, their judiciary, and fishing rights, they would never have voted to go into Europe. The debate was billed as the 'Common Market', it deliberately failed to disclose the political union with the EU, who plan to absorb all member nations in a super-state, with its own army.
The referendum of 23 June 2016 restored our sovereign powers; they must never be given away. We must shape and forge our own destiny.
This nation was built by the hard work and sacrifices of the ordinary people; many men built fortunes on the backs of the poor. Millions died fighting for our liberty and independence. In the First World War, the Germans said our troops were “Lions led by Donkey's”.
Who is leading us now?
Democracy give…

Build a Better Britain with Lord Grit - Forward

Building a better Britain is the hearts desire of Lord Winston Grit of Lantern County, Suffolk, Great Britain.

His Lordship has an unconditional love of the British people, and it is undiluted by the flaws of party politics, diversity of religious beliefs,  racial grouping, or country of origin..
His building of a better Britain, is based on the assumption that everyone who lives in the British Isles will support the definition of society as:- "The willing gathering together of like minded people for generally acceptable purposes".
Lord Grit's love for his 'Human Masters' embraces their essential need for debate before bringing about changes, and with benign good will, he hopes debates and discussions will be lively, forward looking, productive, and above all; brief.  These debates take place before the changes, not afterwards!
He insists that British politicians will scrupulously adhere to their 'Oath of Allegiance', and never vote for any act that dimi…

The Beneficiaries

Lord Grit has an unconditional love of his 'human masters', especially those aged 0 - 5 years.
"This is serious", is his Lordship's catchphrase, and in amidst all his love and fun for this precious age group, are hidden messages that will help them grow from little acorns into mighty oaks. They will need the help of their parents, and all of us; writers, cartoonists, suppliers of baby goods, t/v programmers, advertisers, and publishers. Everyone of us should want to reveal the doors of life at the earliest age, and excite a learning curiosity to discover the joys of this heavenly beautiful planet, and the wonders of all the arts, music, dance, and literature life offers.
For those first five years, profit must take second place to some magical and wonderful ways, of welcoming tiny tots onto the path to the 'grown up' world.
We need to 'Build a better Britain for them, and as Lord Grit says; "This is serious".